Kyoto-based Contemporary Artist
Ceramic sculpture, Nihonga (Japanese-style painting), Photography His artistic activity is in Japan and all around world Italy, Spain, Austria, Tunisia
photo by Takashi Hatakeyama 2019 Kyoto

photo by Takashi Hatakeyama 2019 Kyoto

Yoshinori Akazawa is a Japanese artist.He was born in 1971 in Japan. In 1995, He graduated with a BFA in Japanese painting (Nihonga) from Kyoto City University of Arts (Faculty of Fine Arts).

In 1997, he graduated from Kyoto prefectural technological school in Pottery. Following which, in 1998, he graduated from the Ceramics course from Kyoto municipal industrial research institute. His artistic expression ranges from painting to ceramic sculptures.

The basis of his art is inspired and sketched from Nature- the colours, atmosphere, form, and balance.

“I create it. I make a model of nature and create it to become a natural form. So that space forms the earth, and it is the art that the earth creates stones and jewels form. I create it to clarify nature and human relations. I create something when I find something that is new in something old.” Yoshinori Akazawa

Already recognized and widely exhibited in Japan, Akazawa’s works are also gathering fans internationally. His powerful work, People’s Night and Moon (1993) was chosen to grace the cover of Dr. Carone’s Plato’s Cosmology and Its Ethical Dimensions.

On the work, Dr. Carone said,

“I was very struck by the intensity and depth of the painting. It seemed to capture the cosmic dimension and its integration with the human sphere very powerfully. That is why I chose it as a cover of my book: ‘Plato’s Cosmology and Its Ethical Dimensions’. Gabriela Carone”

In addition to his success as a Nihonga painter, Akazawa’s ceramic sculptures are also appreciated with the same fanfare. His ceramic works have been exhibited in Italy, Austria, Spain and Japan and are collected by the Museum of International Ceramics of Faenza, Italy, and KUZ/Kapfenberg Museum, Austria.

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