About me and my ceramic work in Tunisia 2013

Yoshinori Akazawa (1971- Kyoto, Japan) was invited to 3rd Tunisia international ceramic symposium 2013. This interview was taken in national ceramic center (CNCA) in Tunis during symposium.This video was directed by CNCA after symposium, and in Japan, it was remastered in 2015. Yoshinori Akazawa, his process of making his ceramic work, Kouchi (Cochin) -ware techniques were shown during at the symposium.His technique had been never shown everywhere. This movie is important proof about one of his creative secrets.

Yoshinori Akazawa Japanese tea party in Tunis 2013

Yoshinori Akazawa in Tuinisia 2013 He served tea during symposium in small tea party with his ceramic works. Japanese style green tea. Just enjoy it!